Retreat – a Journey into Yourself

We will leave civilisation for a couple of days and go to a beautiful place in nature to listen to our internal wishes and thoughts.

Our goal is to have a restart – we will focus on creating our life vision, let our thoughts pass by us undisturbedly, and (re)create contact with our true selves.

I will support you during this journey and help you to retain the space inside you by creating a suitable activity plan that will help you start a new path.

Coaching sessions are organised during the day as agreed. In total, there will be 3-4 hours of active coaching. In addition to coaching, you can walk in nature, eat, and spend a night at an old storehouse
next to the sea.

The journey into yourself (in the form of a retreat) will suit you, if:

● you wish to take time off and look within yourself, and if needed, bring changes into your life ● you wish to be inspired and to think out of the box ● you wish to know more about yourself ● you wish to understand your limits

● you wish to understand your strengths
● you wish to try new methods for designing your future
● you wish to find out your life purpose
● you wish to reach the next level of self-development or self-awareness.

I participated in such a retreat 10 years ago in London, in a community near Battersea Park. It was a pivotal moment in my life. Things do not always work out as planned, but in general, I have kept to the vision I created, and to this day, this is the source of my internal peace.


Ilona Lott

Have you ever thought that you’d like to take a step into the unknown, but you’re afraid that you won’t make it? I’ve probably been in these situations more than there are stars in the sky. But there’s always a way out and I can help you to find it. Transformational life changes should be well thought through, and since you have found your way to this page, you are closer to the solution. It is a very good start for your new future.