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Are you feeling lost in your career or personal life? You do not know how to move forward? You have come to the right place. Pivotly is here to help you!

Our team of professional coaches consists of people from different backgrounds with a wide range of skills and experiences. We are here for you and your team. We know how to help you handle the pivotal moments of your life.

We will support you in reaching your goals and we will help you to find opportunities in challenges.

We will help you find out what you’re good at in order to find opportunities in challenges and reach your goals.

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We will help you set your focus

We know what it means to face challenges in life so we understand how hard it is to find your way amid all the choices. We will help you to find what you really love in life.

Change yourself and your world will change too.

We will help to bring new positive habits into your life. They will help you to create your desired future and realise the dreams that may seem unapproachable at the moment.

A dedicated, passionate and experienced team.

Pivotly’s team consists of professional development coaches that all have exciting and inspiring stories of surpassing challenges. Our sincere wish is to support you and help you reach a more aware and better self.

First session on the expense of Pivotly

In our first meeting, we will get to know each other – we will find out whether and how our energies match and whether we can offer you the best solution in the journey of discovering your true self. If the synergy is there, we will agree on the goals we wish to achieve together, and set the schedule and form of our meetings and the investment plan.


I passed a 6-month coaching programme with Argo. To my surprise, I discovered after our sixth meeting that I had reached all the goals we talked about at our first meeting. Argo can lead conversations very well. There were times when I felt speechless when Argo helped to bring out my inner confusion. I really like Argo’s listening skills, sincerity, caring attitude, concreteness, and consistency, spiced up with a humour that is so important in life. After all our meetings, I had more clarity about the direction I wanted to follow. Argo is a coach with a big heart that helps people realise their dreams, and I’m very grateful to him!

Helen Haava
Startup ettevõtja ja hingestatud looja

What I liked most about Ilona’s coaching was the creation of space, which happened without forcing, but at the same time with very clear boundaries. Ilona can remain pleasantly neutral as a coach and make you see different situations from a completely new perspective. Different exercises are what I have practiced independently after our coaching sessions and I see that they are of great help. Ilona’s life experience and rich professional background gave coaching a deeper dimension. It was an extremely positive and empowering experience for me. Thank you for everything, Ilona!

Moonika Oras

There was no teaching, no counseling, no telling you to do this or that. There was listening, there was understanding, and there was something that made me understand myself and say the necessary things. I realized that Mari was able to direct me without her directing me.

Fortunately, he didn’t always agree with everything I said. I believe that all this helped me to make the following and necessary decisions for myself at this moment. It means a lot to me to this day, because our conversations helped me find new directions and thoughts on how to deal with my burnout.

Why Mary? Mutual trust, empathy, a sincere desire to share one’s experiences, both good and bad, and a fantastic idea to take mind trips in nature.

Margus Kiiver
EOK turundusjuht

Allar naturally made me interested in cleaning my “shelves” and going through the topics, activities and people that had accumulated there during my life. You don’t have to knock on Coach’s door only if you want to achieve something big – you can also go there to look for that big thing. Despite Allari’s motto “How can I make my boat move faster?”, he reminds us that you must also be able to enjoy the ride.

Eero Tuhkanen
Ehitusinsener (TalTech)

The biggest benefit for me was realizing that my focus must be on business development.Day-to-day leadership and management could be left to capable people.Many thoughts that had never been fully thought out and written down before became a formulated and clear plan of action.

You have to be brave and keep going!

Tanel Kangert
Ettevõtja ja rattaentusiast

I had the pleasure of being Ilona’s coachee during an ICF project in which we both participated. I really embraced the opportunity and used my time with her to develop a strategy for a business project. Her insightful questions, challenging approach , friendly personality and excellent intuition helped me in achieving my goals and in being very happy with the overall experience. Thank you very much Ilona

Johanna Parnis England

Argo joined our team to implement specific changes. Before starting the cooperation, we mapped the opportunities and needs and established a structural plan. The subsequent developments were made by involving the team and broadly recognizing the need for change. Many steps have been taken in the process for a long time, but we only got to the realization now.

Argo’s strength is the ability to highlight one’s thoughts, to attract attention to address specific topics and help better understand the responsibilities of each team member. Inclusive and supportive communication creates space for the courage to make mistakes, learn and grow. He guides the team and the company in the necessary direction, as if with a bit of shuffling.

Merit Ots
Ettevõtja ja kindlustusinnovator

Argo has been more than just a leader for me – he is a great supporter.You could say that a mentor and a coach in one person – capable, motivating and always ready to think along. Argo was able and wanted to help see male signs and achieve them.As it is said that the key to success is cooperation, Argo promotes exactly that, being always on board and ready to work together.

Personally, I especially appreciate Argo’s cleverness, how He can simplify difficult situations in such a way that they no longer seem burdensome, but rather like nice challenges.At this point, I quote a classic that fits here and describes Argo:

“Smartness is not only knowledge, but the ability to apply it correctly” A.Einstein

Kristina Niman
Tiimijuht ja maailmaparandaja

Argo is a powerhouse of inspiration! He has an uncanny ability to deeply understand every person in their unique authenticity, uncovering their best personality traits, and skillfully combining them with their developmental potential to help them achieve success and personal growth.

Argo is not only a trailblazer but also a trail keeper! His infectious passion for strategic planning motivates teams to always strive for the next level, and his guidance is like no other. By asking thought-provoking questions and offering inspiration, Argo empowers you to become a trailblazer yourself. His unwavering consistency and detailed plans provide both the leader and the employee with a clear path to success. Argo is supportive every step of the way and keeps you and your team on the right track, even when detours are necessary.

Overall, Argo is an incredible amplifier of human potential, helping individuals and teams to unlock their abilities and achieve greatness. So, if you are looking to elevate your game and reach new heights, I highly recommend you team up with Argo – he truly is the key to your success!

Kadrian Jaagund
Regional leader and sustainability advocate

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Assisting you in obtaining desired results, not limited to athletics

As a top athlete, I know how important it is not to get stuck after having drawbacks. Instead, it’s essential to find opportunities for moving forward. However, drawbacks cannot be avoided either. What is important is keeping your focus and staying on the chosen track. As a coach, my purpose is to allow you to acknowledge your resources and, through this, achieve the goals that are important to you.

Do you think that there are too many obstacles hindering you from achieving your goals?

Do you feel you have lost your focus?

Have you lost control and do not know how to proceed?


Helping you create a meaningful, colourful life without boundaries

Have you ever thought that you’d like to take a step into the unknown, but you’re afraid that you won’t make it? I’ve probably been in these situations more than there are stars in the sky. But there’s always a way out and I can help you to find it. Transformational life changes should be well thought through, and since you have found your way to this page, you are closer to the solution. It is a very good start for your new future.

Do you need more skills and awareness to manage a team?

Do you consciously want to design your working life?

Do you want to move forward to an international level?

Do you wish to guide the changes in an organisation?


Helps you create love and feel powerful in all aspects of your life

In today’s chaotic world, we’re often afraid of change. Although we might have the feeling that we cannot proceed as usual, we often lack the courage to do things differently. I experienced this myself until I decided to be open to change in my life. We have the freedom to make choices. We can change whatever we want to change. You just have to find the courage to step on the brake and move out of your comfort zone.

How to make bold decisions?

How to learn self-worth?

How to find your potential?


Helps to transform challenges into passionate new beginnings

I am an experienced leader with 25 years of professional experience. My journey has taught me much. Today, I am in the place where I can support you in the pivotal moments of your life. I will help you find the best version of yourself. With my help, you will create the future that you have dreamed about.

Is it hard for you to focus?

Have you lost the energy that kept you going?

Do you wish you had more responsibility, but are also afraid of it?