Kadrian Jaagund EN

Argo is a powerhouse of inspiration! He has an uncanny ability to deeply understand every person in their unique authenticity, uncovering their best personality traits, and skillfully combining them with their developmental potential to help them achieve success and personal growth. Argo is not only a trailblazer but also a trail keeper! His infectious passion […]

Kristina Niman EN

Argo has been more than just a leader for me – he is a great supporter.You could say that a mentor and a coach in one person – capable, motivating and always ready to think along. Argo was able and wanted to help see male signs and achieve them.As it is said that the key […]

Merit Ots EN

Argo joined our team to implement specific changes. Before starting the cooperation, we mapped the opportunities and needs and established a structural plan. The subsequent developments were made by involving the team and broadly recognizing the need for change. Many steps have been taken in the process for a long time, but we only got […]

Tanel Kangert EN

The biggest benefit for me was realizing that my focus must be on business development.Day-to-day leadership and management could be left to capable people.Many thoughts that had never been fully thought out and written down before became a formulated and clear plan of action. You have to be brave and keep going!

Helen Haava EN

I passed a 6-month coaching programme with Argo. To my surprise, I discovered after our sixth meeting that I had reached all the goals we talked about at our first meeting. Argo can lead conversations very well. There were times when I felt speechless when Argo helped to bring out my inner confusion. I really […]