Inspiration Day

If you have a feeling that your team spirit is failing, this is the package for you. Let’s discuss the company’s bottlenecks and set goals for both the enterprise and its members.

During my long career in sports, I have had many different coaches who have all used different methods for achieving good results. I know from my own experience which of these suggestions do not work and which really make a difference to reach the desired result quickly, in a consistent manner and without straining your body or mind.

By different examples, I can describe where the chosen techniques may take you and give suggestions of what should be changed, to reach the set goals. I will inspire the team and motivate them to move towards the chosen direction.


Allar Raja

As a top athlete, I know how important it is not to get stuck after having drawbacks. Instead, it’s essential to find opportunities for moving forward. However, drawbacks cannot be avoided either. What is important is keeping your focus and staying on the chosen track. As a coach, my purpose is to allow you to acknowledge your resources and, through this, achieve the goals that are important to you.