Personal Coaching

I will help you map the present situation, set a goal and develop a concrete plan of action to reach this goal. If needed, we will correct the plan or adjust the goals as we go. With clear-set goals and mindful activity, you can create for yourself a future that you like!

The programme is suitable both for solving multiple challenges and for analysing a single challenge in depth. You will lead the journey while I offer a trustworthy environment and ask questions which will help you to clear your focus and move forward.

The personal coaching programme lasts for 6 months. We will agree on a more detailed schedule for our meetings. We will always start with an introductory meeting. At our last meeting, we will take time for concluding the process and for creating visions for the future.

If you feel like personal coaching is what you need in order to open new doors in your life, book a time for an introductory session!


Argo Teetlaus

I am an experienced leader with 25 years of professional experience. My journey has taught me much. Today, I am in the place where I can support you in the pivotal moments of your life. I will help you find the best version of yourself. With my help, you will create the future that you have dreamed about.