Pivotly for business

The world around us is constantly changing. Therefore, the ability to adapt fast is a major competitive advantage. Managing changes is one of the most important processes in entrepreneurship. If your company lacks the necessary specific knowledge and experience for reaching goals, you have come to the right place.

Pivotly for Business offers just that – the skills and experience for managing pivotal moments effectively and professionally.

Challenges can be different – structural changes, building different structural units (sales teams, client support, etc), digitalisation and development of processes, integrating software solutions, etc.

We will gather a team of specialists for every project, who together with the company’s team, will help realise the planned changes.

What makes our offer unique is that we approach processes via coaching. Processes are led by professional coaches and through coaching, we include all the affected parties and dig deeper to reach fundamental changes in an optimal time.

We do not train, we coach.

We do not only support changes but help you to realise them.

We offer a solution that is fast, professional, modern, and inclusive and helps you to reach the desired results!


Argo Teetlaus

I am an experienced leader with 25 years of professional experience. My journey has taught me much. Today, I am in the place where I can support you in the pivotal moments of your life. I will help you find the best version of yourself. With my help, you will create the future that you have dreamed about.