Team Building

As a coach, I will help your team to turn over a new page. Depending on your needs, I will put together a one-day or multiple-day training to support the areas that need development in your team. A training day is an interactive study day with practical exercises. At the end of the training, the participants will get a homework assignment that will support the learning process. The best results are achieved by working out a developmental programme and its implementation with the whole team, as this will guarantee that the new habits will stick and will create preconditions for remaining changes. 

Popular team training is directed towards setting goals and achieving them together, changing the organisational culture through common values, strategies for managing people and creating best practices via performance management and team assessment. 

It is beneficial to assess the strengths of the team, see which skills and experiences need improvement, and make a plan for achieving the team’s vision. The development plan directed to the future paves the way to success on both a business and a personal level. I am sure your organisation deserves the very best. In the future, the quality of leadership will be the most important criterion in choosing a team and a place to work.


Ilona Lott

Have you ever thought that you’d like to take a step into the unknown, but you’re afraid that you won’t make it? I’ve probably been in these situations more than there are stars in the sky. But there’s always a way out and I can help you to find it. Transformational life changes should be well thought through, and since you have found your way to this page, you are closer to the solution. It is a very good start for your new future.