Coaching Journey

There are moments in life when we all feel stuck – be it burnout, confusion about major life changes, or just a need to step out of one’s everyday rhythm.

The Coaching Journey in nature is a good starting point for dissolving the confusion within you. A quiet space, contact with nature, movement and peace help you reach your innermost thoughts and recognise your real needs and wishes.

As a coach, I will support you in making changes. I will guide you to new thoughts and help you to plan the first steps towards the solution.

After the journey, you will be ready to knowingly move on with a fresh and inspired feeling.

Our journey takes ca 3-4 hours and includes time for silence and breaks.


Mari Kirss

As a coach, I will help you to see things clearly so that you can start building your dream life step by step. I will listen, reflect, and help you to reach important decisions. I will push you towards activities that will lead to changes, and through the changes, to the desired results.