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My story is about changes

I have always had a lot of love inside me – love and caring for other people.



My story

I have always had a lot of love inside me – love and caring for other people. Love and passion for my job. Love towards what I create around me every day. But I have not always had a love for myself.

Ten years ago, I was very excited to open my first make-up studio. Creating the studio was my dream and my passion. I wished to create beauty and share my knowledge. I wanted to help women feel beautiful. Soon, one studio became three, there were enough clients, and success soon followed.

When it all becomes too much

Despite the long working hours, the queue for appointments was up to four months. Forgetting about myself, I dedicated all my time to work. The fact that human abilities have limits and that I was approaching mine did not cross my mind.

Putting myself last ended with me wishing to be ill when waking up in the morning and not wanting to face the day. At one point, all the motivation and joy were gone. I couldn’t give anything to anyone. I was completely burnt out and decided that I couldn’t proceed as usual.

The time for a pivot

I started a life-changing journey that included a lot of self-discovery and much effort. I realised what had prevented me from living my life the way I really wanted to. I learned to recognise my needs and express my true wishes. I took responsibility for my time, my well-being, and my feelings.

Choices based on awareness have helped me guide my life in the desired direction. Step by step, I am approaching my dream life. I have become an aware manager of my own life. I am not afraid of taking big steps, but I also acknowledge the smaller changes because even a small change may change the way you see the world.

Today, my choices begin with my courage to love

With the courage to love me, the people, and the life around me. With the courage to step on the brake and step out of situations where I do not find the joy and the energy that I need. With the courage to step into the unknown, open my heart and be honest with myself.

I will help you guide your pivotal moments

As a coach, I will help you to see things clearly so that you can start building your dream life step by step. I will listen, reflect, and help you to reach important decisions. I will push you towards activities that will lead to changes, and through the changes, to the desired results.

Come with me on a life changing developmental journey

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There was no teaching, no counseling, no telling you to do this or that. There was listening, there was understanding, and there was something that made me understand myself and say the necessary things. I realized that Mari was able to direct me without her directing me.

Fortunately, he didn’t always agree with everything I said. I believe that all this helped me to make the following and necessary decisions for myself at this moment. It means a lot to me to this day, because our conversations helped me find new directions and thoughts on how to deal with my burnout.

Why Mary? Mutual trust, empathy, a sincere desire to share one’s experiences, both good and bad, and a fantastic idea to take mind trips in nature.

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What does our journey look like?

There are many possibilities for that:

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